Lose Weight, Feel Rejuvenated, Eliminate Toxins in 7 Days with Paleo Kickstart

For years I was a vegetarian. I feel strongly that the meat industry needs to change and show more respect to the animals it mass produces and transports. I have always eaten a heathy diet, but have always had problems keeping my weight down even though I didn’t eat big meals or unhealthy snacks. My body was holding onto every ounce of fat. I eat less than most of my skinny friends when we go out to dinner.

Now I am 50, gluten intolerant and can’t digest lactose (dairy) well. I get muscle cramps and back pains and joint pains if I eat either of these food groups. Something doctors never managed to diagnose. Their answer to was to put me onto addictive and expensive drugs, that didn’t help. I was also given an asthma inhaler and told I had 1/5 of the breathing capacity that I should have. It was all a reaction to gluten and my symptoms went away as soon as I stopped eating it.

My husband really wanted to try a paleo diet, and although I thought he was crazy, I agreed to try it. I still don’t eat red meat or pork, because I haven’t eaten them for years and I don’t want to, but I agreed to eat wild fish and free range poultry.

It has been the best thing I could ever have done for my body. If I go off the diet, I suffer, and that is enough to keep me straight. I ache, can’t sleep, feel unwell and I wake up with a hangover feeling and asthma.

There are times when I don’t stick to the diet, but those times are getting more infrequent. I found that being consistent with meals, and having go-to recipes, makes it so much easier to stay on track. When I fall off track in the holidays, my birthday or when we visit family and friends, it is so much easier to get right back to my healthy diet, now I follow the kickstart plan.

For me, sticking to the Paleo Kickstart is easy. There aren’t too many more dishes that I want to make and if I want a change, I just go to the substitutions and cook something different. You really don’t need that many recipes to make up a healthy, balanced diet. And having your meals planned makes cooking and shopping, so much easier. And if you want a change, then just eat something else. You will want to go back to the plan really quickly, I guarantee it.

Why Paleo kickstart?

All your meals and shopping are planned out for you and you have all the support you will need to make a change in your diet.

Everything is in one place, that you can refer back to time and time again. This paleo menu plan will guide you to success every step of the way. Recipes, pictures, menus and a shopping list all designed to help you succeed. And every week there will be a new recipe for you to try. All this and for the price of a couple of Starbucks coffees.

How Will Paleo Kickstart Help Me?

  • Lose Weight
  • Have more energy
  • Reduced allergies
  • Feel less bloated
  • Your mind will be clearer
  • Your skin and hair will glow like they did when you were younger
  • Many of the aches and pains in your joints will improve or even disappear
  • You will fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly and breathe easier

I thought that this would take too much time to cook, but mostly it's pretty simple and so delicious. Once you have made the recipes a few times, it's so easy. I am so glad I started this.

Leslie H,


All your healthy, balanced paleo meals are planned for you and you have your own personal nutrition coach to help you with any questions.

Unlimited Use

You can return to The 7 Day Paleo Kickstart time and time again. Every time you want to get back to feeling great, just start the menu plan again. New recipes are added weekly and you can use the plan as many times as you like.

Delicious Recipes

The menus are designed to be really delicious. They are not always the easiest to make, but if you want something quick and simple, you can just go to the substitutions and choose something you like.

Easy to Follow Recipes

Printable Shopping Lists

Start Something New. Take the Planning Out of it. Be Successful

Start feeling healthy and younger again. Get clearer, fresher skin. Loose all those aches and pains and those extra pounds of fat. You will be so happy you took the first step to feeling better about yourself.

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